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This can raise the degree of anxiety and stress in women also. Therefore, the cure for the nagging issue of frigidity should give a complete solution to your body. Also, women who have problems with painful intercourse due to attacks in reproductive organs or pelvic ground condition need a cure that may reduce inconvenience and discomfort without showing any unwanted effects. The nagging complications of poor working of glands, chronic illness or usage of medicines can have adverse effect on the functioning of feminine genitals. Social factors: Certain public factors are also in charge of poor libido in females such as for example relationship issues, misuse, upbringing, etc.They believe the exact composition of these microbes in the gut may lead to variations in the potency of drugs between individuals and populations. Professor Jeremy Nicholson, from Imperial College London, and an author of the paper responses: The discovery that these gut microbes enjoy this important role means we could have made the first step towards providing sufferers with personalised, tailored healthcare and medical solutions. For instance, in the future it may be possible for your doctor to provide you with a personalised treatment for virtually any illness through the analysis of a bloodstream sample. Similarly, doctors could also spot potential illnesses before they turn into a nagging problem and take precautionary measures.