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With their doctor.sonal medical records increases satisfaction New Cancer Patients – A new analysis has found that allowing full access to personal medical records increases satisfaction without increasing anxiety cancer cases. Published early online in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society shows, the study shows that the accurate information to patients through medical records can be a useful addition to verbal communication with their doctor.

The majority of cancer patients say they are trying to obtain comprehensive information about their illness, but many doctors believe that it increases the supply and fear may be harmful to patients. Full access to full access to an organized: the issue, Gwenaelle Gravis who comparison Paoli – Calmettes Institute in Marseille, France, and her colleagues are two types of information delivery to cancer patients to clarify anxiety, quality of life and satisfaction medical record versus on demand. .The past decade,fects. Of tailored anti-cancer agents After mapping protein inhibitors.

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