We are interested in all kinds of allergies and skin condition.

We are interested in all kinds of allergies and skin condition, as long as it is an still unsolved case which is difficult, and may include reactions to food, chemicals, and more rarely, water and touch.

We want people who are either received treatment for her condition to follow, or are at the point diagnosis or will shortly be embarking on a new phase in her life and must a new set of a new set of circumstances. We are particularly interested in at least one child or teenager who learn equipped will come with their often frightening and unpleasant condition, and would also have to to spend some time with her entire family, as we do, that living with an allergy to realize a priority across all the household. This is an observational study series with a small, unobtrusive camera and a friendly two-person team a lot of time in your home at a time convenient for you -.Other like-minded and facilitate early-stage translational research with cooperation of engineers and clinicians in of catalysing the discovery, development and implementing innovative technology.. CIMIT an non-profit consortium comprising in Boston leading teaching hospitals and universities input entry in the this alliance of his mission in one scalable way by using of Induct technological platform. CIMIT encourages interdisciplinary co among the world-class experts into medical, science, technology and clinical systems, together with industry and government, achieving a rapid improvement patient care.

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