Unlike other RNA-based therapeutic approaches.

Unlike other RNA-based therapeutic approaches, AVI have antisense technology has been used to target them directly, both messenger RNA and its precursor , so selective that both up-and down-regulation genes and proteins. AVI RNA-based drug programs are evaluated for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy as well as for the treatment of cardiovascular restenosis through our partner Global Therapeutics, a Cook Group Company. AVI antiviral programs have shown promising results in Ebola Zaire and Marburg Musoke virus infections and may be.

Muntoni Muntoni commented. As a physician and scientist, I am very of these findings and the prospects they offer satisfaction for the potential treatment of this life-threatening condition biopsies of muscles with the higher dose of test drug injected showed a clear, widely and robust response in terms of number of dystrophin positive muscle fibers We publish these exciting data in a peer-reviewed journal in due course .. The clinical trial was conducted in the UK by members of the MDEX Consortium led by Professor Francesco Muntoni done.Health Resources and Services Administration review.. The University of California – San Francisco Centre for California Health Workforce Studies evaluate the program.

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