Today announced FDA approval of its IND and reported the first medical results in humans for CXB909.

Adults should have their cholesterol amounts examined once every five years. Besides diet plan, regular exercise, keeping a healthy weight, rather than smoking are real ways to maintain normal cholesterol. The CDC has even more on managing cholesterol.. CeNeRx announces FDA approval of CXB909 IND for neuroprotection and neurodegenerative disorders CeNeRx BioPharma, Inc., a clinical-stage organization developing and commercializing innovative remedies for diseases of the central anxious program , today announced FDA approval of its IND and reported the first medical results in humans for CXB909, a novel agent that has demonstrated utility in preclinical types of neuroprotection and neurodegenerative disorders. The degeneration of certain neurons connected with Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease may also be ameliorated by increased levels of NGF.President to create, support and fund a thorough plan to address the HIV/Helps pandemic . According to the Times, ACT UP, an HIV/Helps advocacy coalition, had been planning for a demonstration on Tuesday in Philadelphia – – where in fact the Democratic applicants are scheduled to take part in a debate – – to protest Clinton because she had not signed the pledge. Clinton signed the pledge shortly after being contacted by the changing times. According to a statement from Clinton’s campaign, she’s been working on a formal Helps policy that she will be unveiling soon. The statement added that Clinton already supports trading $50 billion over another five years to fight global AIDS and advocates a thorough method of fighting AIDS both right here and abroad. Based on the Times, former Sen. John Edwards and Sen.