Today announced excellent results from a Stage 2b medical trial of CVT-301.

CVT-301 provided onset of action by 10 minutes with durable results long lasting for at least 60 minutes, said Mark Iwicki, CEO and President of Civitas. CVT-301 is being developed to address a substantial unmet need facing Parkinson's disease patients today, and these results, specially the efficacy and ease-of-use observed in the outpatient setting, give us self-confidence that CVT-301 can have a transformative effect on the daily lives of patients. CVT-301 has been created as an adjunctive, as-needed therapy to provide reliable and rapid relief from intermittent debilitating electric motor fluctuations, known as OFF episodes, experienced by Parkinson's disease individuals.They’re led by Eve Kerr, M.D., MPH, and Timothy Hofer, M.D., M.S., of the guts for Clinical Management Analysis at the VA Ann Arbor Health care System and U-M Medical School’s Division of General Medication. For the time being, says Kerr, While there are plenty of guidelines about dealing with hypertension, there can be an amazing insufficient clarity and assistance about how exactly many blood pressures ought to be used at a clinic check out, whether those bloodstream pressures ought to be averaged or whether simply the cheapest should be used, and how exactly to incorporate home blood circulation pressure readings in decisions to intensify medicines.