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NoteStatistics embargo at 00.01 on 11 May 2009. Sun Awareness Week will take place from 11 to 17 May Case studies and speakers are available on request. The Sun Awareness campaign will run throughout the summer.To date, more Phase III study investigated the effectiveness and certainty of C1-INH patients with moderate or severe an acute HAE attacks at face, abdomen or genital laryngeal attacks which can be life-threatening, been in the trial with C 1 – INH treated on an open – label basis. The double-blind study was to C1-INH is efficient as in all the attacking websites analyzing. Additionally, 21 of 21 succeed successfully having open-label C1-INH treats. To date, more than 400 acute treatment of C1-INH all parts the CHANGE research without a drug-related serious adverse events , no immunogenicity and no reports on responses at the injection site be given. the findings this study support the extensive clinical experience in Europe where C 1 has been used to was used to acute episodes of HAE more than 30 years for treatment According to approved by the FDA will this treatment by all patients with of this debilitating condition welcomed, said Michael France, Distinguished Professor, patients in USA and Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine and one investigator of the period III clinical trial..