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Article on TYSABRI for treating patients with multiple sclerosis published Best-practice recommendations for the choice and management of patients with multiple sclerosis who may benefit from, or are receiving treatment with TYSABRI – were published today in a product to the medical journal Multiple Sclerosis gyno treatment . The panel provided recommendations focusing on appropriate affected individual selection and patient administration. The suggestions, which recognize the significant efficacy of TYSABRI and the necessity to adequately treat sufferers who exhibit continued disease activity, derive from U.S.

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Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb There is an epidemic of cancers in the world, and this epidemic is not in order. With the signing of the National Tumor Act of 1971 by then US President Richard Nixon, the war against tumor was officially declared. Some 40 years later on, we’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars on cancers research and the return on this investment has been negligible. Malignancy remains a significant killer for more than 500,000 US citizens each year and nothing coming looks promising to improve this scenario. Component of the reason for this is that cancers treatment has become more of a business manipulated by Big Pharma than a service that cures cancer. The bottom line is about return on investment, not about provider or assisting people.