The study was conducted by Teodoro Grau.

23 percent received of patients receiving parenteral nutrition, developed liver dysfunction. Rates of liver dysfunction were in the TPN group than in the EN group .. The study was conducted by Teodoro Grau, have to do from hospital Severo Ochoa in Madrid, Spain, and colleagues from hospitals in Spain and London, the researchers examined incidence of liver function abnormalities with artificial nutrition in 40 intensive care units in Spain. Patients were treated until hospital discharge or 28 days after admission to the ICU gefolgt.409 patients in the study received 725 artificial feeding.

Short sleep duration is a risk to public health lead not only to obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease, but also, as we have shown in this study, colon adenomas, he said. Effective intervention to increase duration of sleep and the quality of sleep could be an under-appreciated prevention of colon cancer prevention of colon cancer. .. The researchers also found a slightly stronger association of sleep duration with adenomas with women compared to men, but the difference was not statistically significant.Dr Li said the magnitude of increase in risk due to less hours of sleep is comparable to the risk associated with having a first -degree relative with colon cancer, as well as with high red meat consumption.– QL readily absorbed on intestine and that the blood – very good very well, said Booze. LQ is novel in Western cultures are, however in oriental cultures in Eastern cultures long time. .. Booze research is the first of has ever made on LQ and the first to to test some of those phytoestrogens in the brain. Them and a Keeping Requirements research team of testing the ability of these compounds help nerve cells survive and encourage new connection in laboratory petri dishes. This allows you to see what parts of link nerve cells nerve cell survive and how this phytoestrogens are on of actual hormone estrogens.