The side effects of antiretroviral and the signs of aging.

According to the Times physicians have few guidelines to determine which age-related conditions caused by HIV, the side effects of antiretroviral and the signs of aging. NIH and the Veterans Health Administration lead two long-range studies of aging in people with HIV / AIDS, according to the Times (Engel, Los Angeles Times.

A 2006 AIDS Community Research Initiative of America study found on the interaction between mental health and HIV long-term HIV survivors are experiencing almost 13 times more likely to cause depression than the general population. In addition, long-term survivor of the disease commit suicide commit suicide than men of the same age in the general population, the Times reports.The study involved 700 young heterosexual adults , all in her twenties.

One of the studies, which 153 people, 72 percent of them was able in order accurately identify the sexual attitude between men and women just by looking photos on their faces. David I.hered. Short-term sexual relations usually have eyes wide and big lips – Males tend to find these kinds of female more attractive.