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The results show that men of adaptation of adaptation in a row, according to after her diagnosis, and that their daily lives are different what stage they are those with less severe prostate cancer find themselves involved in an emotional vacuum immediately after receiving the diagnosis. During this phase , which usually lasts about a week, it is pointless For these men for the medical personnel, the men. Information about their disease – ‘But they appreciates positive reception without pity in this initial phase and of course, if they choose to contact to get in touch and do a couple of questions, it is important to answer and say, turn where you with diffrent thoughts do helps improve the condition . ‘. ‘.

‘Although a variety of therapeutic approaches in development to delay the degenerative process, the bitter reality is that many patients eventually lose their sight,’said Dr. Benjamin Reubinoff, a senior author of the study. ‘Cell therapy that degenerates replenish RPE cells can stop potentially disease progression. Reubinoff and Dr. Eyal Banin who led the study with colleagues from Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem, developed conditions hESCs lead into functional RPE-like cells to differentiate in the laboratory.

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To find out more, the researchers analyzed the United States, Canada and Japan, the connection between the radiation interval and of breast cancer recurrence.