The LAIV differs from most existing influenza vaccines canadian pharmacy.

The vaccine candidate is of the three attenuated influenza virus by the World Health Organization recommended for seasonal vaccine in an intranasal device together. The LAIV differs from most existing influenza vaccines, because it is designed to offer single-dose intranasal administration, advanced cell culture manufacturing technology and potential earlier and broader protection against infection by influenza viruses canadian pharmacy .

The Phase I trial is a randomized, double – blind, placebo-controlled, rising single-dose design and will contain a total of 120 healthy subjects. The primary goal of the Phase I program is ,, tolerability and immunogenicity of escalating doses of SCH 900795 in adult men and women. – ‘I am pleased to announce the start of the first clinical development program of Nobilon ‘said Gelmer Leibbrandt, general manager of Nobilon. ‘This is an important milestone in the young history of our company. ‘van den Bosch van den Bosch, Director R & D, said: ‘We are on the positive results in pre-clinical development of our vaccine candidates obtained so far are encouraging, and we believe that this vaccine has the potential, an important tool in the prevention of become become seasonal influenza illness. ‘.

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