The implications of this study are that pregnant women need a well balanced diet.

They also studied a different control populations of rats given estradiol – a form of estrogen – and saw no increase in breast cancer risk in granddaughters. That suggests that the increased estrogen production related to eating more fat is not the cause of the problem, they say. ‘The implications of this study are that pregnant women need a well balanced diet, because affect affect the future health of their daughters and granddaughters,’says de Assis.

The researchers also found that the risk of not only extend from mother to daughter and granddaughter, but appears also from mother to son, granddaughter. For example, did the daughters of male and female rats born from mother rats that 80 % chance fat is a 80 % chance breast cancer breast cancer, but the risk was about 69 % when the granddaughter of the mother or father of a rat eaten was born normally and the other parent came from a high-fat-consuming parent. In contrast, granddaughters of grandmother rats who ate a normal chow a 50 % chance of developing breast cancer.Arrow South Pacific countries, including Papua New Guinea, in direction HIV / AIDS epidemic of Africa is similar in movement, and their governments are not ‘assigned adequate resources ‘in order to combat the disease, said Stuart Watson , program director for UNAIDS Pacific, the Syndey Morningside Herald reported a huge red flag on the governments in the Pacific ‘(Xinhua News Agency, u003e.

The study found that the family pay on average 873 U.S. Dollars out time – of-pocket costs of dental treatment each year, exceeding the $ 700 average annual cost of prescription drugs. The study did many farms and ranch Family buying individual, non – groups health insurance, which is often contain dental services. – Study co-author Carol Pryor said that it an increasing awareness as to how healthcare costs a large part for many families ‘ expense, J. little attention have been paid to the contribution of dental expenses for these financial pressures. Pryor also added that that study and earlier research make it clear that the extension was dental care part of the national debate on the health care reform .