Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

The study, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, evaluated results a 78 minute DVD instructional program and illustrated manual in a sample of 97 patients and their relatives. The multi-ethnic sample represented 21 types of cancer and all stages of the disease. Nurses include spouses, adult children, siblings and friends. The project in Boston in Boston, Portland, ME and Portland, or with English, Spanish and Chinese. – After the principal investigator, William Collinge, president of Collinge and Associates states, ‘Touch and massage are among the most effective forms of Supportive Care in Cancer, but most patients can not access professional practitioners of these methods on a regular basis.

Shown to bind the relationship, which is important in order to strengthen both ‘.. In the study, couples were not an experimental group with the program or an attention control group randomly assigned caregivers in the experimental group were asked to apply the instruction for at least 20 minutes, three or more times per week for a month Those in the. Control group were assigned in the patient for the same quantities read to time patients completed before report cards and after meetings guests their levels of pain, fatigue, stress / anxiety, nausea, depression and other symptoms. The results showed significant reductions for all symptoms after both activities, indicating that companionship alone has a positive effect.Derek Napier, CEO of the AICR, said: Understand what prostate cancer cells driving enter the bone marrow is order could include the development of ways to with intervene process of We are aware that. The many forms of diseases, including breast and prostate, ** Among we would of the bone marrow tend than other portions of of the body appear to. Can be influenced demonstrated that this can be influenced by the proportion of the various types of fat then we could be able to, drugs restricting movement restrict the movement of cancer cells. .

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