Since secretory proteins are very different and have different fates.

We have recognized that the calcium concentration in the trans-Golgi network is crucial to the proper ordering of a number of soluble secretory proteins says Julia of Flower, the first author of this study. It’s a fine balance by the interaction by the interaction of the actin cytoskeleton, a family of actin remodeling proteins and a calcium ion transporters in the membrane of the trans – Golgi network. If this balance is disrupted, a large number of be secretory proteins randomly sorted, and not reach their destination .. Since secretory proteins are very different and have different fates, it suspected has long been, Ifld all be sorted to its final destination identified using specific receptors, of which the TGN at the TGN after decades of research. The most exciting part of our results is that we have a very novel mechanism that does not specific receptors specific receptors.

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