RVUs RVUs is a term the workcomponent of relative value unit system applies published by Medicare.

Adult hospitalists who received 50 % or less of their compensation as fixed base salary reported the highest median work relative value units in 5407 compared with colleagues. RVUs RVUs is a term the ‘work’component of relative value unit system applies published by Medicare. Those who to 70 % to 70 % their compensation as base salary performed wRVUs 4591, compared to 3859 wRVUs for hospitalists who received 71 to 90 % of their compensation as base salary. People who receive 91 to 100 % of base salary base salary reported 3571 wRVUs. ‘Hospitalists are one of the fastest growing medical specialties and many of these doctors are directly from hospitals,’said Jeffrey B. Milburn, MGMA Healthcare Consulting Group. ‘The compensation methodology a straight a straight base salary to base salary and incentive, production and quality metrics.

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