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, read the full report, – research starts for pancreatic and lungGeorgia Tech and St. Joseph’s Hospital have joined in the first regional research program to begin the genetics and cell biology of pancreatic cancer study. Tissue and serum samples from patients with cancer are tested to identify the differences in the genetic and cellular functions between normal and tumor cells. Findings from this research will be used for the ultimate goal of developing tests for the early detection and identification of specific, targeted therapies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

‘.. The research effort will prevention and early detection prevention and early detection. Powerful analysis powerful analytical tool called mass spectrometry, when analyzing data using a coupled ‘super computer ‘, the group hopes to identify patterns of molecular expression unique cancer patients. This can lead to a sensitive screening test, which requires only a drop of blood to run. – ‘Georgia Tech most advanced technology and the scientists who help the ‘ bench’ research projects move closer to ‘at the bedside ‘treatments for patients with a very high speed can says Daneker.Success of the the success of the health care reform initiative of, ACAM believed to primary-care Medical more time to and resources for any patient will be devote to, authorized that government view healthcare should covering evidence-based Integrated Medicine include treatment, and that men should to which tools, resources and info, treatment options that spa. Inclusion of this principles of would ensure that avoidable chronic diseases reducing dial and conditions within the public and that person associated with physicians, the free treatment options that are the most suitable to the individual needs yielded.. For evidence based Medicine Critical To health reforms – the American College for Advancement into Medicine.

ACAM think that true health reforms comes from a displacement of in thoughts on individual settings to health and wellness and a systematic review of the conventional primary care model.

Integrative medicine includes practice elements spa programs, nutrition and Alternatives for allopathic treatments with the best conventional supply. ACAM believes integrative – medical based health systems were most effective in creating authentic health reforms.