Potential new treatments for food poisoning.

Potential new treatments for food poisoning, typhoid fever, a new kind of protein that are of Queens University researchers discovered in the development of treatments for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as useful that cause food poisoning and typhoid fever.

– ‘It is fundamental research that we do, that that as a basis for trying approaches that will develop have a positive impact on human health, ‘says Dr.. ‘Can , if we sensory pathway sensory pathway, it does not the bacteria adapt to this change in their environment, and not to infect in the situation,’says Dr. In North America, people tend to be treated for food poisoning with drugs or or ‘immune compromised ‘where there is a need for antibiotics , delete some of the infection. A major problem in less developed countries – Since the organism, salmonellosis causes for this relationship is responsible for typhoid fever , the model that could develop from Queens a target for the treatment of typhoid fever as well.It noted established that the hospital cases per 1,000 patient cases per 1,000 patient not punishment even.

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