Polio begins in children in the region to spread.

Well, as expected, polio begins in children in the region to spread. Now, local authorities are appealing for urgent help.The World Health Organization has sent a team to the region. The team has confirmed that the outbreak of polio.It was only during the month May of this year that officials in Kano again decided on vaccinations, because the new batch came from Indonesia, a Muslim country. Children, which might massive delay is going to by dozens of children, which might end up the life of the life of lame .

Done done worldwide have managed to nearly eradicate the disease. If the wise men of those regions of Nigeria had decided to see the meaning a long time ago, polio would probably in Nigeria today in Nigeria today. Why did not they ask for lots of Muslim countries a year ago? Why did they wait so long? the WHO, its neighbors, even their own people she begged to see sense.. Polio is very rare in today’s world.This report is Storage Keep out In order to Tamiflu Resistant Influenza lead.

Investigated The perspective of article in the December 22 New United Kingdom Journal of Medicine NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center Dr. Anne Moscona, why Individual inventories or improper use out of oseltamivir resistant strains of influenza A can be result to the surface. This report is disturbing messages a Tamiflu , one only two will appear be neuraminidase inhibitor be available for the control a seasonal as well as avian occurs is less than infallible. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center 525 East 68th Street, Box 144 New York.