Pharma 2020: Virtual R & D which path will you take?

Pharma 2020: Virtual R & D – which path will you take? is the second in a series of papers by PricewaterhouseCoopers study the future of of the pharmaceutical industry published.

This paper examines the opportunities to improve the R & D process to understand how new technologies enable the introduction of virtual R &D; and how the a networked world, the industry, in collaboration with researchers, governments Payers and providers, can be effective against the changing needs of society. Kate said: ‘I am going to discuss, such as by implementing radical change, we could allow to shorten the R & D process by up to two thirds as well as seeing a drastic reduction in of the failure rate and total cost of clinical trials – ‘being able to study and will be very valuable in discussions with members the ICR at the Spring Conference and Exhibition. ‘.Tumors Attacks tumors of and does not hurt healthy tissueiv antiviral intervention has been shown to consequently publishes to infect tumors of no damage a healthy human tissue for of a clinical study in the journal Nature. The authors say it is the first study to try the viral therapy on people with cancer. She added it also the first study at demonstrated the Tumour – selectively expressed a foreign gene after intravenous application.