Patient Comfort For added convenience.

Patient Comfort – For added convenience, the MammoPa breast cushion is designed a softer, warmer mammography for alleviating a patient provide fear of mammography-associated pain, so that the technician more of more of the chest wall in the image and a uniform compression of the breast. The MammoPad cushion that can be used with digital and analog mammography, is radiolucent and does not require additional dose. New this year is a change in color for MammoPad to pink. The new color of MammoPad not only brings an aesthetically pleasing look but also to relax a potentially greater impact on the ability of the patient.

Breast MRIThe acquisition of Sentinelle Medical Inc. Hologic adds a number of breast MRI tools for best – in-class women’s health portfolio. The company believes MRI is an important standard of care in breast screening for women indicated a high risk of developing breast cancer.9.7 percent in the cervix sparring Hysterectomies increasing midst debate on the benefits, risks.

Growing numbers of gynecologists do hysterectomy, remove non the uterine orifice, when no cancer is found, the Journal report. Via 600,000 of hysterectomies into the U.S. Each year are performed to treat often to remove cancer of the uterus and cervix or uterine fibroids and endometriosis. Before 1940 nearly all surviving hysterectomy for the cervical because safer and easier easier and safer because of the lack of antibiotic and blood banks. But in the 1960, to remove of the cervix has become standard, because was seen as a cancer preventive, where Pap smears were still new, that Journal reported.

However, said the American College to the obstetrician and gynecologist in one report of 2007 it were minimal proof that conserving of cervix improves a Men sex life and bladder function , added that in If a cancerous had to develop, the required removal of the cervix borne solely a greater risk than a hysterectomy – including an infection risk. – In addition, some studies do not no report as the positive role for protecting the cervix, the journal. A 2005 study from 135 women were not is no difference in sexual function or quality of life women who womb uterus and cervical during its who. However, the Journal comparison reported that a limitation to these research maintaining the hysterectomy for be large abdominal incision large abdominal incision, during to do many surgeons are, cervical os -sparing hysterectomy reduced a minimally invasive section, recovery time.