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They destroy the protective components of saliva – leaving a corrosive mix that damages cells in the mouth and can eventually make them vicious.. Options to senior BP employee Talk to register your interest in this conference, please e – mail or phone 020 7084 2903rd e transforms healthy saliva into a deadly cocktail, accelerate mouth cancercigarette smoke transforms healthy saliva into a deadly cocktail, mouth cancer can accelerate, according to new research in the British Journal of Cancer.Normally, saliva provides a protective buffer between toxins and the oral mucosa, because enzymes important, and fighting contains neutralize harmful substances.But the new study shows that the chemicals in tobacco smoke combine with saliva with devastating effect.

‘Our study shows that when exposed to cigarette smoke, our normally healthy saliva not only loses its beneficial qualities but it turns traitor and actually helps in the destruction of the cells of the mouth and oral cavity. Cigarette smoke is not only harmful on its own, it can turn the body against itself. ‘.. The study reproduces the effects of cigarette smoke on cancer cells of the mouth. Mixture. The cell samples were treated with cigarette smoke and the other half is exposed to the saliva and cigarette smoke mixture.Cancer cells were used to quickly whether quickly whether the saliva and would smoke mixture accelerate development of the cancer.The study showed that the longer the cells mouth mouth saliva contaminated, the more the cells are damaged.To a paper about the research after these findings read published in the Internet first 9 March issue of of Cancer Research. Most of research group members, including the author alone Dr. Amanda Y intersection goods. Out of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics to the U.S. National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland.

Scientists in the U.S. A big a large degree biological mechanisms biological mechanisms after the well-established connection between bowel cancer and consumer from red and processed meats, upheld that such a link be undertook exists and struck are the main actors three connections: heme, nitrate / nitrite and heterocyclic amines.