Infant mortality accounts for an estimated 5.

Infant mortality accounts for an estimated 5.75 million deaths per year worldwide and it is estimated there are 3.000 stillbirths worldwide each year.The new study looked at 320,350 women who singletons singleton pregnancies zwischen 1989 and 2005. Of these 2,483 women were seen infant deaths in the first pregnancy, while the remaining 317,867 were women. A child into their first pregnancy, which survived the first year of life.

Has occurred within the study population, 347 cases of stillbirth during the second pregnancy, what, a stillbirth rate of 4Mothers with previous infant death those whose child survived the first year compared.-Adjusted hazard ratios were calculated to assess the association between infant mortality rates in the first pregnancy and stillbirth in the second pregnancy.SLEGEN Director of John B. More than 6,700 HUGO studies found in strong evidence the context of several single nucleotide polymorphisms in three genes: ITGAM; KIAA1542; PXK, and SNP rs10798269 a DNA unity of a known gene a known gene. SNPs chromosome places where one assembly of DNA may differ from one person to.