Including a stressful life.

People who have CFS may have complications finding or stating a specific word during regular speech . Postexertional exhaustion: Postexertional fatigue may also be a issue for those who have CFS. They are excessively tired after doing normal activities which were not difficult during the past. Fatigue after rest: People with CFS also complain of fatigue even after long periods of rest or rest. They do not feel refreshed after sleeping. Depression: People with CFS could become depressed because of difficulties performing at work or home, but depressive disorder does not cause CFS. Other symptoms which may be seen include headaches, muscle mass aches, sore throat, and mild fever even.. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms Diagnosing CFS needs ruling out other notable causes of chronic persistent fatigue, including a stressful life, cancer, or other illness such as adrenal or thyroid disorders, HIV, or AIDS.A few of them have severe drug addiction,’ Lee said of the homeless who sleep on the street. ‘They get cleaned up every day and night, and then they are back again on the environment that caused this to begin with.’ One mayoral candidate, a comedian named Stuart Schuffman aka ‘Broke A** Stuart,’ has recommended providing taxes breaks to businesses that allow homeless people inside to ‘pee for free.’ Free housing – that will be subsidized by San Francisco taxpayers – and additional incentives to stop the homeless from excreting urine and feces on town streets have not done much to avoid the stench or the spread of disease, neither is it likely to work anytime soon. Making a bad issue worseSome homeless advocates state there isn’t much serious effort on the part of local politicians.