In the second phase of their research.

In the second phase of their research, Kalman and Stewart Fahs plan the presentation to many more women over a broader geographic area to give. Hope hope long-term study long-term study, to see if their program improves the way women respond when they experience signs of a possible heart attack. ‘Having knowledge does not necessarily change your behavior,’Stewart Fahs says. ‘But if you not have the knowledge, it is unlikely to change. ‘.

The new program uses a similar mnemonic device, and Stewart Fahs says the method seems to help, especially if women you to practice using it. The next phase of the project is to test whether to focus the use acronyms for female heart attack and its warning signs improving knowledge as opposed to using of a program without it compared. The work will begin this spring, thanks to a grant from the Rural Nurse Organization. Stewart Fahs will administer the questionnaire and focus the program for women in rural areas, while Kalman and Wells on urban Syracuse, NY. The population, which has been studied them too small to show the program works the program works better for a demographic or the other, Stewart Fahs says.Visit http:// will find sites treatment and other therapeutic applications and benefits for Third Coast Refexology, celebrated five years success in Chicago.