In the current cost-of illness study.

In the current cost-of – illness study, Leigh, that only 21 % – or $ 51.7 billion – covers these costs for workers’ compensation were. He also recognized, who pays for the extra $ 198,000 – or 79 %.

‘Cost-shifting affects everyone, because we all have to pay higher Medicare and income taxes to cover that 79 %,’said Leigh.. Workers ‘ Compensation: $ 29860000000 Specialty Workers’ Compensation Insurance: $ 14220000000 workers and their families: $ 10380000000 Medicare: $ 7160000000 Medicaid: $ 5470000000 He also found that only $ 21860000000 costs in lost productivity workers workers ‘ compensation insurers with the remaining $ 160,000 from other sources, including workers and their families who are covered Social Security Disability Fund and state disability funds.Supports and Blood Institute and Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. Source: PTC Therapeutics signs.. About AtalurenAn investigational been discovered by PTC Therapeutics is a protein ataluren recovery therapeutic develop cause causing formation of a functioning protein in patients with genetic disorders through a nonsense mutation. One nonsense mutation is a variation of the genetic code to withdraw early interrupting the synthesis of an essential protein. The resulting failure is determined carried which protein are not expressed as a whole and be no longer functioning.

By mutations their genetic code, patients with MMA were lacks key enzymes is needed to down certain amino acids. W. The amino acids in form of methylmalonic acid collect. Toxic levels of methylmalonic , metabolic acidosis and tissue damage. The time estimated that nonsense mutations of the disease the disease with an average of 10 and 20 % from MMA patients. A genetic testing is required to determine whether a subject will be triggered carried a nonsense mutation ill. Ataluren the first investigational treatment has developed the underlying cause the underlying cause to the nmMMA by fostering restoration of the deficient enzyme. ‘constitutes The expansion of ataluren clinical development ataluren to metabolic disturbances which potential wide applicability and our continued commitment sought to the urgent medical need for patients by rare, life-threatening genetic disease Message,’Stuart said W.