In his current role at McLean Hospital.

Brennan focuses its work on the development of new pharmacological treatments for mood disorders by the translation of basic discoveries scienctific in the treatment of human studies Specifically is his research examining the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder and abnormalities in the neurotransmitter glutamate and abnormalities in mitochondrial function. This work is a collaborative effort by Shervert Frazier Research Institute at McLean Hospital , uses magnetic resonance spectroscopy changes in brain changes in brain neurochemistry in patients with bipolar disorder after treatment with glutamate – modulating drugs and drugs that improve mitochondrial function..

Brian Brennan MD is the Associate Director for Translational Neuroscience in the biological psychiatry laboratory McLean Hospital and instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Brennan is a paid consultant for the OnCall+ Mind & Mood – Stress Center.Blumenthal will cause the implementation a federal interoperable, private sphere protected healthcare information technology infrastructure as in of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mentioned. Chairman Obama thinks we need to take serious steps to modernize our healthcare system which the health of all Americans, to cut costs and the sustainable long-term growth healthcare information technology is an important part the President strategy for our. Reforming health care system and help one of the nation’s leading health IT specialists, Blumenthal the expertise and vision expenses effort, said HHS spokeswoman for Jenny Gus.