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Keep balanceThe ETH researchers show that the new signal are located on are on the outer shell of the mitochondria. If insufficient nutrients are hormones or components in the cell, which increases the susceptibility and the cell dies, but not yet.

Researchers already knew that cells commit not getting enough nutrients not getting enough nutrients such as amino acids and growth factors or hormones available to them. Mitochondria of the cell power plants are responsible for triggering cell death. Djouder Krek and now have is the molecules and described in detail the processes that control a cell growth, survival and even his death. Krek stressed of the mitochondria.l growth and death are coordinated through the same signaling network. ‘.about the use on the use of blood screening for measuring and monitoring of breast cancer for over 10 years. For example, , Mary, potential is a blood marker for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer. We very grateful to Tilton families and hopes for cancer, giving us the ability to promote our research with an award. .