HIV infection.

HIV infection.nitalium bacterial STD with possible HIVAccording to a study by researchers at RTI International conducted or published in the 13th March issue of AIDS, African women who are called to a common sexually transmitted bacterial infection of Mycoplasma genitalium infection are two times more likely to acquire HIV infection.

In order evaluate the impact of M. Genitalium in HIV risk, the researchers analyzed the data from a larger study of HIV infection among young women in Uganda and Zimbabwe.Ras activated normally number of signal paths in cell growth and survive involves , but the authors found that GILZ reduce which activation of the Ras / Raf and in turn and inhibits Ras – Raf-dependent T-cell proliferation. Where that anti-proliferative effects of the dexamethasone GILZ has been inactivated were inhibited in an increased T cell proliferative that. Riccardicorticoids. , the data show to GILZ a negative regulator of a negative regulator of Ras and Raf – induced proliferation of and a an important mediator of anti-inflammatory action of glucocorticoids. TITLE: GILZ mediates the antiproliferative activity glucocorticoids carried negative regulation of Ras Signalling.

Author Contact: Carlo Riccardi, Perugia University, Italian.##JCI table of contents: May 10..