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– ‘These findings suggest that insecure attachment may be a risk factor for a variety of health problems, especially cardiovascular disease to be Longitudinal research is needed on this issue to determine whether insecure attachment, the development of cardiovascular disease and the occurrence of cardiovascular – predicts. Health Psychology such as heart attacks, ‘said McWilliams. ‘The results raise the possibility that measures to improve plant safety goal might have positive health outcomes ‘..

McWilliams, of Acadia University. He and a colleague examined data on 5,645 adults aged 18 to 60 from the National Cormorbidity Survey Replication and found that people who are insecure in relationships felt or avoided getting close to others might be at a higher risk of several chronic diseases.. May feel insecure in relationships people ready future health problems, says researchinsecure about their insecure about their attachments, others could be at higher risk for cardiovascular problems than those who feel safe to be in their relationship, according to to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.The working group consisted in 12 UCLA students, nine of female, to a mean age 21 years. They were inclined their minds scanned at UCLA’s Ahmanson – Lovelace Brain Mapp centers. The test subjects looked photographs of various people who are to be words , so that the contents have been. – The brain is Rewarded regions were more active if people offering as a $ 5 out $ 10, a if they supply you receive a $ 5 $ 23, was may Lieberman said. We call this finding the ‘ sun side of justice, because it indicates the rewarding experience, are treated fairly.

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