Gregory Petsko.

Gregory Petsko, professor of biochemistry, alpha-synuclein compared to an origami bird, benign, if intact, but dangerous when it is unfolded. This knowledge could one day lead to the development of therapies, glue glue lead, helping to keep the protein ‘s shape. While some drugs using this technique in the treatment of other diseases, has the opportunity to examine a non for Parkinson’s because until now, scientists did not have Parkinson’s protein structure. The possibility that in fact a structure and in fact that this form of the protein is benign, means that such an approach can now be considered.

Question question, the scientists wanted to find out what the form of alpha-synuclein is in before it turns into Lewy body lumps, out if it is to stabilize possible, the progression of Parkinson’s disease could either slowed or reversed. – Even though we do not know what it is we want , at least in what form should alpha-synuclein protein known under normal conditions, says Pochapsky.Georgopoulos and his team had try thrilled to by to MEG as a diagnostic to the discovered that neural interaction over human subjects were very similar used. The team on this new path in order the dynamic interactions between brains networks publishes active synchronously in one 2006 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of judge. Write the team will further order more data concerning of the six groups of illness gather and to start volunteers other brain disease, including the depression, post – traumatic stress, Autistic and ankylosing Parkinson be analyzed in order to see if the same technique may be used.

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