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Lawyers for the sponsors the initiative and the State argues that flaws in the formulation are minor and could be corrected on the ballot. The state Supreme Court agreed, decided that not enough problems with the adaptation of the formulation to the initiative supporters need to begin the approval process Pemberton Pemberton, AP / Anchorage Daily News, 6/3) were.View all birds in the infected establishments are will be human Date put to in accordance with the in accordance with region environmental regulations and internationally acknowledged disease control measures policy. As soon as all birds have been removed, the CFIA are monitor the cleaning and disinfection to the stalls, vehicles, equipment and tools, an infectious material, can be eliminate that to stay.

Avian influenza virus ask no risk for the food safety in poultry and poultry products processing and boiled accurate. Avian flu rarely affects men, except where they had are intimate contact contaminated birds. Nevertheless, health authorities will take precautionary measures than warranted.