Even if you make up for potential confounders and the childs level of aggression at the age of 3.

Spanking Kids Can Make Them More Aggressive Later Children who frequently at age 3 are more likely to be surprisingly aggressive when they’re 5, even if you make up for potential confounders and the child’s level of aggression at the age of 3.

Mothers with more parenting risk factors were more likely to spank frequently. But even after accounting for these potential confounders, haveuent spanking at age 3, the probability for higher levels of aggression at the age of 5.. The study, Mothers’ Spanking of 3-Year-Old Children and subsequent risk of children’s Aggressive Behavior in the May of Pediatrics to issue, asked nearly 2,500 mothers how often they three of her surprisingly – year-old child in the past month, as well as questions about their child’s level of aggression, demographic characteristics such as child gender and eight maternal educational risk factors, such as parenting stress, depression, alcohol, and the presence of other types of aggression in the family. Nearly half of the mothers reported no spanking in the previous month, while 27.9 % reported spanking once or twice, 5 % reported spanking more than twice.Department of Family & Community Health at Marshall University School of Medicine – Texas City, Texas – Galveston County Health District – Laredo, Texas – Gateway Community Health Center – Holyoke, MA – Holyoke Health Center – Oakland, California – La Clinica de La Raza – Waterville, Maine – MaineGeneral health care – Denver, Colorado – Center for African American Health – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Minneapolis American Indian centers – Billings, Montana – Montana – Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council – Homestead, Florida – Open Door Health Center – Olympia, Washington – St.