Each biochip has 25 discrete test regions.

Based on the proven principles of the ELISA innovative feature of biochip array technology is the simultaneous multi-analyte testing. Each biochip has 25 discrete test regions . Each DTR holds a single test. This means that 23 tests with two for the internal quality control Biochip Array Technology function to be carried out without notice.

Available biochips are the Cardiac Array, Thyroid Array, Array fertility, Cerebral arrays, cytokines and adhesion molecules array array. And two Drugs of Abuse biochips arrays are for antimicrobials, growth promoters and synthetic steroid. Cancer biochips are monitoring tumor and tumor PSA arrays and the array RanplexCRC for colorectal cancer screening.The rule, which aims to reduce counterfeit medicines has been developed to provide tracking requirement implement in in 1988 by law defined, however FDA ‘repeat ‘stopped the control, because the pharmaceutical industry said there missed the technologies to trace all his products, the Times reports (spring, Times, During the reign , which becomes effective December 2, wholesale distributors trace supply a ‘Family Trees ‘means any unit, on drugs is dealt as they left of the manufacturers. The Genealogy of, the paper in or electronic form may be present, wholesalers who directory and batch number of drug part.