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Angell has also demanded that the government negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies for the Medicare prescription drug benefit, and said that the structure of the current program benefits businesses more than beneficiaries. Ken Johnson, senior vice president the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, said on Thursday, high-paying job the misguided solution to rather than government bureaucrats choose medicines for patients to allow patients and their physicians to determine the best treatment.

Vietnam is the only Asian country in PEPFAR, the funding for HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria programs in 15 focus countries directs contained. Related News, the German generics manufacturer STADA has begun distribution of a low-cost version of antiretroviral Combivir from GlaxoSmithKline in Vietnam. According to Le Truong Giang from the Ho Chi Minh City HIV / AIDS Prevention Committee, Vietnam is unable antiretorvirals at no cost to HIV-positive people in the country because of limited resources. He added, however, that the country, the medical sector efforts to ensure 9100 people living with the disease, the treatment can access. In July, 97,300 HIV-positive people were living in Vietnam, and almost 9,100 people died of AIDS-related causes, according to the General Statistics Office.CHAARM The project aims at Last anti-HIV microbicidal product HIV via reduce the transmission of HIV through sexual activity to develop. Microbicidal could be preventing , in the form of a gel, cream or device for controlled releasing a infection with HIV can be applied when vaginal or rectal surface. CHAARM is to any combination with to two or more microbicide a products that focus more effective than use of a single microbicide.

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