Doctors told them that only 47 percent of patients achieved their cholesterol goals.

Doctors told them that only 47 percent of patients achieved their cholesterol goals, but 61 percent of them felt this was an acceptable statistic. – ‘Although doctors, the risks associated with cardiovascular disease appreciate associated – which they identified as a major cause of death than cancer – the importance of lowering cholesterol seems to be not widely supported,’says co – author Professor Richard Hobbs of the University of Birmingham. ‘differences differences between what family doctors when a patient high cholesterol and what they are advised to do by the national guidelines.

The numbers have been rounded up or down accordingly.. * The number of family doctors were surveyed in each country: France , Mexico , Brazil , Great Britain , Belgium , Denmark , Finland , Portugal and Singapore . 50 South Korean specialists interviewed as they are responsible for writing prescriptions for statins. Six out of ten doctors said , that they not frustrated when they are not able to lower cholesterol levels in patients with cardiovascular disease were, despite the fact that research has shown that lowering cholesterol reduces illness and death due to cardiovascular diseases says co-author Professor Leif Erhardt from Lund University, Sweden.####The response to editorials be ‘From TROPHY with a Stolz ‘of Stevo Julius , Brent M. Anthony Schork, The replies be ‘Responses to ‘ Retrieved from TROPHY with a Stolz ‘ ‘by Stephen D. Persell, MPH and David W. And ‘refutation’of TROPHY by proudly ‘ ‘by Jay I. Meltzer the in the American Journal of Hypertension, Volume 20/Issue 3 , published by Elsevier.