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Her numerous additional accomplishments benefiting public wellness include chronic pain administration and the correct use of option and complementary medications. Hennekens has received several recent honors like the 2013 Fries Prize for Improving Wellness for his seminal contributions to the procedure and prevention of coronary disease, the 2013 Presidential Award from his alma mater, Queens University, for his distinguished contributions to culture, the 2013 honoree within FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Medication from the American Center Association for reducing deaths from heart episodes and strokes, and the 2014 Ochsner Award on using tobacco and disease.The results are in keeping with existing data from scientific trials and with issues expressed over the intensive treatment unit ramifications of these drugs resulting in movement from benzodiazepine sedation, regarding to senior researcher Robert Sanders . As a drug course, benzodiazepines were connected with a substantial 54 percent elevated risk for developing pneumonia. Furthermore, they were connected with a 22 percent higher risk for 30-time mortality and a 32 percent higher risk for long-term mortality in individuals with a previous medical diagnosis of community-obtained pneumonia .