Deaconess Medical Center.

Positive religious coping was assessed using a questionnaire. Interviews at the beginning of the study also assessed psychosocial and religious / spiritual measures require care planning and end-of-life treatment preferences. Patients were followed until death, a center line of 122 days after the assessment at the beginning of the study.. Andrea C. Of the study.Deaconess Medical Center, and examined examined the relationship between 345 patients with advanced cancer and their use of religious coping strategies at the start of the study and conservation intensive medical care during their last weeks of life.

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EntreMed , a clinical-stage drug companies the development of therapeutic in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases announced today that presentation of the preclinical results for the Aurora kinase – angiogenesis inhibitor to, ENMD – 981st June 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts – The data were as the lectures and posters on EntreMed scientists said second protein kinase in the Drug Discovery Conference, on of May be presented..