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Browse the rest of the post on The Great Beyond.. Cross posted from Nature’s The Great Beyond blog. Three clinical trials have been placed on hold after information broke that a researcher involved with the research may have lied on his resume. Malignancy researcher Anil Potti of the Duke University School of Medication has been positioned on “administrative leave” pending a study into false claims, outlined on applications for study funds, that he was a Rhodes Scholar. Based on the NY Times, the American Cancers Society in addition has suspended payment of a $729,000 grant awarded to Potti predicated on an application that referenced the Rhodes scholarship.Insulin treatment: Type-1 diabetes: People diagnosed to have type-1 diabetes cannot generate insulin as the beta cells in their pancreas are either destroyed or broken. This is why these folks are prescribed insulin shots so that their body can procedure glucose and can avoid complications produced by hyperglycemia. But, rather than relying on insulin injections, these people can rely on herbal treatment for diabetes that can improve the pancreas to produce the required level of insulin.