CPSC announces voluntary recall of Vicks Dayquil Cool & Flu Liquicaps The U.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported. Explanation: The recall requires Vicks Dayquil Frosty & Flu 24-Count Reward Pack Liquicaps. The medication comes in orange product packaging with the green Vicks symbol and gets the pursuing UPC#: 3 23900 01087 1. No additional Vick’s product is included in this recall. Sold at: Drug stores, food markets and other retailers nationwide between September 2008 and December 2009 for about $5. Stated in: Canada Remedy: Customers should keep this product out of the reach of kids. Customers who purchased the merchandise with the expectation that it would be in child-resistant product packaging can contact Procter & Gamble for a full refund or an upgraded coupon.And its study provides allowed them to show the process linking telomere impairment with the problem. Today in the online edition of the journal Bloodstream Their results are published. Using transgenic techniques, Blasco’s team have managed to eliminate the Trf1 protein from mouse bone marrow, in order to explore its function in the tissue’s function. They found that when Trf1 is certainly removed, the mice develop exactly the same symptoms as aplastic anaemia sufferers: bone marrow failing with the corresponding pancytopenia . Also, the authors have shown for the first time that the lack of this proteins causes a shortening of the telomeres of bloodstream cell-producing stem cells which leads, in turn, to the progressive stress-induced death of the rest of the stem cells in the cells and, eventually, the death of the animal.