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The bill would to for attorney fees and witness in court proceedings relating to abortion or contraception. House Republican Leader Larry Rhoden said to the account would ensure that the money does not go to the taxpayers of the expected action, while enabling people to show their support for a ban on abortion. Now goes now goes to the Senate for consideration (AP / Aberdeen American News.. Oklahoma: the state house voted on Thursday to a bill that doctors who perform abortions to obtain information on the procedures that they perform to the Oklahoma Department of Health, the Associated Press reports (Talley, Associated Press reported require would approve the measure , sponsored by state Rep.From Norway, and antisocial behavior strongly to Adolescent Pregnancy Linked.

The research includes information from 988 young Australian women part in the The Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study, a longitudinal study at the age at the age from 14 in 1992 until now. They noted defining as a pregnancies are get pregnant, and completing and / and termination of pregnancy. The researchers examined the participants for depression symptoms six times during adolescence. Pregnancies studied twice during young adulthood.

However, the researchers observed that the compound is eliminated if they the participants antisocial performance and drug, well as socio-economic variables. They noted in young females adolescent antisocial behavior and drug , the highest link to the pregnant and of an abortion in young adulthood was. – Leading Author Wendy Nilsen, said:.