Contact: John Easton 773-702-6241 University of Chicago Medical CenterA study.

Contact: John Easton 773-702-6241 University of Chicago Medical CenterA study, for the first time, has found breast cancer from Nigeria, Senegal and North America that women of African descent are more likely likely to be diagnosed with a virulent form of the disease than women of European descent.

Olopade is one of four principal investigators in a large-scale, multi – disciplinary effort at the University of Chicago to, sort the genetic and environmental factors breast cancer breast cancer. The study is looking at the genes to lifestyle, socioeconomic status, and social interactions of women in the United States and Africa and its relationship to breast cancer.A professor Kell and his team worked with computer specialists at the University of in order to create the program is Professor Pedro Mendes explained: Our experiments out of software based on an evolutionary algorithm were done carried This algorithm proposed new drug combinations from previous. Its components of its components – like the DNA of a child is a mixture that of their parents.

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