Children represent a group able significant challenge.

On average, patients returned to the operating room up to eight times for wound care and wash outs. Amputations reflects 6.5 % of the cases, 40 % come with an amputated limb. Eight children were born on the ship, including two premature babies. Pediatric admissions increased in the first five days, with a average of 21.3 per day and then fell to 5.2 per day.. Children represent ‘a group able significant challenge, ‘during the disaster, said Dr. Safford. Most pediatric patients required orthopedic care including limb injuries and pelvic fractures .

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He also added that radiation exposure is a serious concern and Patients must to talk to their health care provider before ensure to undergo all tests that it exposes radiation, of the test appropriate and the patient is fit within selection of patients guidelines of American Heart Association publish and this American College of Radiology.