Chicken and Salmon were the entrees with blueberries.

Chefs at Michigan Technological University talk about secrets to healthy eating Michigan Technological University chefs are running seminars on healthy taking in for staff and faculty. Executive Chef Eric Karvonen recently prepared a meal using what he calls very foods and taught the class how to cook them at home. Chicken and Salmon were the entrees with blueberries, wild rice, tabouleh, spinach and various other healthy choices added to the meal.The next discovery revealed a risk from nitrogen-containing DBPs. Disinfectant by-products that have a nitrogen atom incorporated into the structure are more toxic and genotoxic, and some even carcinogenic, than those DBPs that don’t possess nitrogen. And there are no nitrogen-comprising DBPs that are regulated, Dr. Plewa said in the press statement. And it is not only normal water which can be loaded with danger. Pools and sizzling hot tubs are hazardous, too. You’ve got all this organic material called ‘people’ – – and people sweat and use sunscreen and wear cosmetics which come off in the drinking water.