Cancer: Will There Ever BE CONSIDERED A Cure?

Or another relative line of work. The pharmaceutical market doesn’t want to find a natural treat for cancer because there is no profit in a remedy. Big Pharma makes its money selling items that at best just manage symptoms that are not life threatening but on going. Anyone with high blood circulation pressure is a economic bonanza for the drug companies. Those unfortunate people will need profitable ‘management medicine’ until they die. Got it? Management pays. Cures do not. However, I am not really a conspiracy theorist. But I am a thinker. And I believe this: There exists a large amount of stupidity and far too many ‘experts’ who’ve been educated beyond their intelligence who are responsible for how and what analysis gets done, and what the general public is told and resulted in believe as unimpeachable.And we believe the CollegeAIM website and guidebook will help. Underage drinking, along with harmful drinking among learners of legal drinking age, is still a problem on U.S. Campuses. Researchers estimate that every year 696, 000 college students are assaulted by another learning student who provides been drinking, 97,000 students record experiencing alcohol-related sexual assault or day rape and 1,825 learners die from alcohol-related accidents.

Brain meals – what we consume affects our intelligence New research findings posted on-line in The FASEB Journal provide even more evidence that if we get clever about what we consume, our intelligence may improve.