But not so in the endemic area suffered only from drinking water type fluorosis.

Severe cases with severe malformations are relatively common in the endemic region of coal burning endemic fluorosis and other endemic areas in the coal-producing area in the world, but not so in the endemic area suffered only from drinking water type fluorosis. Now now be answered in this study: Unlike ‘mild’fluorine ion or fluoride, the ‘hard’may corrosive gas hydrogen fluoride with strong surface adsorption and permeability are absorbed not only directly indirectly indirectly by human digestive system, but even teeth, bones and especially joints like the knees by breathing or percutaneous absorption erode directly..

Prof. Handong Liang from the State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology Beijing, the answer to this basic question in Chinese Science Bulletin : 2301-2304) suggested, suggesting that the domestic coal dissolves in endemic area in Guizhou, China hydrogen fluoride gas under both combustion and heat slightly (200?so this was particularly vulnerable for cancer cell make an ATM inhibitor, F should no be affected Bakkenist said.

Co-authors the paper include Jason S. And Zerah. Choi, both of Pittsburgh School of Medicinethe work has by a the National Cancer Institute Lung Cancer SPORE subsidy, the averaging Cancer Research Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Frieda G. And Saul F. Shapira BRCA Cancer Research programmatic.

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