Biomira Stimuvax prostate tumor study results published Biomira Inc.

Biomira Stimuvax prostate tumor study results published Biomira Inc. Offers announced publication of study outcomes showing that Stimuvax, formerly referred to as BLP25 Liposome Vaccine or L-BLP25, could slow increasing Prostate Particular Antigen amounts in a few post-surgical prostate cancer individuals, potentially delaying the necessity for initiation of androgen deprivation therapy . The analysis results were described within an content entitled ‘A Pilot Research of the Liposomal MUC1 vaccine BLP25 in Prostate Particular Antigen Failures After Radical Prostatectomy’ that shows up in the July 2006 problem of the Journal of Urology visitar web .


Among the device’s main shortcomings; nevertheless, has been that because of limited recognition of complicated shapes, users of these devices are still in a position to read only slowly, by interpreting large letters individually carefully. A breakthrough around the corner restorationIn the brand new research, released in the journal Frontiers in Neuroprosthetics, experts from Argus II producer Second View used a pc to straight stimulate the implant part of the Argus II to task Braille letters onto a participant’s retina. As the letters contains just six pixels , these were able to be totally replicated actually within the device’s 60 pixel limitation. In this clinical test with an individual blind individual, we bypassed the surveillance camera this is the usual insight for the implant and straight stimulated the retina, business lead researcher Thomas Lauritzen stated.