Based on the results.

Based on the results, standard screening for these risk factors may be a good idea for all college football players, said Jackie Buell, director of sports nutrition at Ohio State University and lead author of the study. The current health of the athlete is of obvious concern, but these results show more attention to the prevention of future health problems at the same time to be paid, Buell said.

From these 34 athletes had at least three risk factors shows they had metabolic syndrome based on measures of waist circumference, blood sugar levels, high-density lipoprotein , blood pressure and triglycerides.CMS Friday announced a preliminary estimate of a 0.5 percent increase in the national per capita Medicare Advantage growth portion in 2010, a move that asked America’s Health Insurance Plans on Monday, warning to View MA plans could drive a drop in refunds on a result find CQ HealthBeat report. The rise of 0.5 percent included the planned 20 percent reduction of Medicare to physicians in 2010, Congress of similar decreases similar decreases in the past..