At the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in San Francisco.

At the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in San Francisco, Alicia Lieberman explored how children ‘s emotional and moral development of catastrophes on the news and in their own life is affected. She is founder and director the University of California, San Francisco Child Trauma Research Project at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center. Part of a part of a panel discussion – ‘Ecologies of Danger and Cultures of Resilience: Children in extreme situations, ‘organized by leaders of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

While they are referred to the CTRP clinic because of the child or the child’s behavioral or developmental problems, most mothers also have life histories of trauma and abuse. Trauma has a very disruptive to people’s lives, what they may be too aggressive, to be depressed, to not feel effective in dealing with the stresses of everyday life, including the burden of raising children, Lieberman says. But research shows that traumatized mothers often draw on inner stores of resilience to help their children cope with difficult circumstances.‘The evidence from this study, the clinical trial of that which we believe that that world’s first commercially doable customized immunotherapy on Already a already infected with HIV,’said Charles Nicolette, Chief Scientific Officer of from Argos. ‘We believe researchers by combining RNA to antiviral patient’s own antigen encoding with dendritic cells the same patient, it is is possible to robust and broad anti – viral immunity to 100 percent of 100 percent relevance for the individual, as well as potentially inducing effective control of viral load independent of traditional ARV drug treatment.

This new breed of personalized cancer and infectious disease agents, created with party Arcelis technology engage the immune system to attack the disease. Argos ‘ scientific management to RNA – loaded dendritic cells and advanced manufacturing processes to offer a platform for virtually all forms on cancer and infectious diseases to fight.. Over Argos Therapeutics,Argos Therapeutics is developing groundbreaking immune therapies opposite , the unique properties, the unique properties a patient.