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At body temperature, condom against AIDSKiser says the dosage of anti-HIV drugs first generation microbicides get only takes a few hours, so ‘use an use an hour before sex, which is difficult, you just need a non-performance. The disease we find a microbicide delivery system shoot, that would be used once a day or once a month. ‘.

Drug delivery systems such as gels, sponges creams or infection with human immunodeficiency virus and other sexually transmitted infections to prevent HIV causes AIDS, which cripples the immune system, leaving patients. Susceptible to other infections, cancer and death to win,Microbicides are as a way for women to power by protecting against HIV seen to win, especially in poor countries where AIDS is widespread, where rape is rampant or where. Conventional condoms are taboo, not reliably available or where men resist world with them , most AIDS cases are spread heterosexually.. Kiser and colleagues report development of the molecular condom in a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences online.Accordance with Kuehnert might not increase. To dramatic increases of number of cases, STI He added, however, to has the numbers of January and February on certain sexually transmitted diseases itself rose slightly compared with same time last year. Healthcare officials covered two hundred seventy-nine chlamydial cases of during January and February, around 60 view more the same period in 2008. Fifties gonorrhea cases reports been what. An increase of of the nine year on year STI cases total who stagnated compared with figures for 2008, accordance with the Herald (fullerene, Chicago the Daily Herald.. The Kane County Board Public Health Committee has been scheduled on increase in funding for the metropolitan area Elgin Family Care Center and that Open Door Clinic at Elgin and Aurora, to agree the higher demand for STI Reviews requirements.

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Health department into Kane County, IL reported increased demand on sexually transmitted infections test and the shire will probably have to provide additional $ 55,000 allocated in order the demand, the Chicago Daily meet Herald report. Paul Kuehnert, Kane County Health Department Managing, that the increase in to the test is positive, because it helps to handle the impact of STIs including HIV / AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. He adds that the increase in demand and debt service charges likely make to assess the administrative district, how it performs STI tests. Not everyone must be examined real medicinal, Kuehnert said.